Anime Was a Mistake!

We all have heard about anime. One of the most popular Japanese animated TV show that gets broadcasted in almost all the countries. The anime fanbase is huge. From teenagers to adults, anime has fans of every age. you can know Anime was a mistake in anime haven Kissanime app

Miyazaki made a statement few months back, “Anime was a mistake, and it is nothing but a trash.” Yes! You read it right. His statement made thousands of anime fans hurt and shocked too. None expected such comment from a responsible & reputed person like him.

Anime Was a Mistake 2018

Miyazaki is well known for his hard dismissals, but I believe there is some political strategy behind his such statement. He has even criticized the U.S when ‘Spirited Away’ was awarded by Oscar 2003. He didn’t travel to the biggest movie market, Hollywood. Anime Haven

anime was a mistake

Later he publically quoted, “I refused to go there (Hollywood) to take the award as I have absolutely zero desire to see a country who is making the life of Iraq’s people hell by bombing there every now and then.

Such comments definitely reflects the character of this moody artist. It seems he follows the politics deeply and takes strong stand according his choice. So I must say getting a statement like ‘Anime was a mistake, nothing but a trash’ from him is not a big deal for him.

I guess he is an artist having specific choices and absolutely focused on some particular things. He deeply focused on story line, the message and value it is passing, the politics and culture it is following and many more.

As per his explanation, he highlighted anime as bad because it basically gets served for adult male fans and includes a good amount of fetishism and it also shows shameful contents. He also highlighted how it is being an imperialist animation show. Anime wallpaper hd

It seems he has a great problem that such popular TV show isn’t reflecting motivation or sending good message is a right way. He asked, “How many of you have seen a rising sun in the background showing motivation in anime?” He asked several questions to the audience justifying his statement.

Well, maybe at some extent he is true. He has also pointed out the issue of showing sex-related contents which is not reflecting the value a TV show should. kissanime one piece online app

Well, his state is arguable and different people may have different opinion but it is true that the fanbase of anime is still huge and growing every single day.

May be few of them have started thinking about their favourite show in a different angle making Miyazaki statement relatable.

Miyazaki has explained his concern about anime and also showed how anime should be accordingly. But as I said everyone has their own opinion.

Few agreed with Miyazaki mentality and few didn’t. But we must say, Miyazaki has a bold character and never hesitates to stand for what he thinks without caring about what the audience may think of him.

Well, what do you think about his comment and justification? Let us know in the comment section

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